Alternative Qualifying

Many people who own businesses have difficulty qualifying for a traditional home loan based on the long-established underwriting guidelines.  In countless cases, these potential borrowers have not been able to attain a mortgage loan with favorable terms or financing at all.  

Fortunately, we are now able to offer solutions for such situations.  Banks understand that business owners have losses and write offs which reduce the amount of their adjusted gross income reported on their tax returns, so business owners are able to use their bank deposits as an alternative form of qualifying income.

  • No W2 or Tax Returns Required
  • 12 and 24 Month Bank Statement Options
  • Loan to value up to 90% without mortgage insurance
  • Personal or Business Bank Statement Options
  • Complete deposits counted
  • W2 or retired Co-Borrower permitted
  • Fixed or adjustable rate loans available
  • 620 Minimum credit score

The days of being declined for a home mortgage because you own your own business and you are not able to prove your income through traditional means are gone.  Now you can purchase or refinance your home without reducing your reported business expenses just to qualify.